Upgrading Nextjs

Upgrading in Next.js

Next.js (opens in a new tab) is using Edge Runtime (opens in a new tab) and the dependency is updated very often to get the latest changes.

If you want to upgrade the Edge Runtime version there, follow the steps:

  • Find for "edge-runtime" and "@edge-runtime" versions inside "package.json" files.
  • Upgrade the version numbers to the latest version available (You can find npm semver calculator (opens in a new tab) helpful to determine what's the latest version).
  • Perform a pnpm install on the root folder to install them but also update 'pnpm-lock.yaml' properly.
  • Once the new version has been installed, you should to precompile them, entering to packages/next and executing npm run ncc-compiled.
  • Commit all the thing as a single commit, and that's it!

Since Next.js has a lot of tests, the best way for testing your changes is to make a Next.js draft pull request.

Then, if a test failed, you can reproduce it locally to find the gap.